Any other women out there scared of guns?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I’ve never liked them because to me, they stood for danger, and violence, as if they had a power on their own...and I’ve learned it was a fear stemming from my ignorance. I’d never taken the time to learn gun safety, and how to properly use and store them.

In light of all the unrest occurring in our country, as a mother, I’ve found myself often thinking, (and worrying), about what would happen if I were put in a situation where I had to defend my home and my children, on my own. If you, like I do, have a tendency to think about all of the “what if’s” it can be unsettling to not have an emergency plan.

A few months ago, I saw that a friend of ours, Jeffrey Jones, was advertising concealed and carry/gun safety classes he offers through his business, EikonTactical. Jeff is a 20 year veteran of the Lexington Police Department, a 7 year veteran of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU tactical unit), a husband, father, and probably the friendliest, most positive person I’ve ever met.

A few weeks ago, I finally cleared a Saturday and made time to take the class. (My husband has been telling to do it for years...I guess there are actually times when wives aren’t good listeners ) It was a very educational and enjoyable experience that equipped me with the knowledge and skills I need to navigate a dire situation.

If there are any other women (or men) out there who have been putting off taking a class like this, I’d highly recommend taking Jeff’s course!

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